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Casino winning

A good casino winning story can get the heart pounding. It can also cause the blood to boil. Individuals that have logged long hours at the casino may experience a bit (or perhaps a lot) of envy when hearing about the good fortune of others. However, even though most people experience at least a twinge of jealousy, these types of stories do provide a measure of hope that perhaps one day, the reader will also have an equally unbelievable a story to share. Below, we have chronicled four pretty amazing casino winning stories.


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a. MIT and the Blackjack Experiment


MIT students are well known for their intellectual superiority. Only the best and brightest are afforded the privilege of being able to get an education from this prestigious school of higher learning. Well, in the 1990s a group of MIT students put those brains to good use, winning millions of dollars at the blackjack tables of Las Vegas, Nevada. What began as an after-school club quickly turned into a high-powered blackjack winning machine.

One of the school’s math professors teamed up with six students to outsmart some of the biggest casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. This wasn’t some loosely connected gambling bunch. No, this gang was committed to perfection. They assembled casino mockups and required each player to pass an “examination” before they were allowed to take part in the group’s scheme to best the casinos. They practiced in local casinos first, before heading to Las Vegas, America’s gambling ‘mecca’.

The group used a card counting strategy. Card counting is legal as long as the person (or group) does not use a device. It is an effective strategy that many casinos fear because it does give astute counters a real chance at winning. Considering the potential genius of the MIT blackjack club and their commitment to discipline (at least initially), the threat of them taking down the house was real and eventually actualized.

The team traveled to Las Vegas pretending not to know each other. However, each had an assigned role which they played to perfection. It helped that they didn’t fit the blackjack counting profile. One weekend alone they netted $400,000. In all, over much of the 1990s, they beat the casinos out of millions of dollars. They were eventually discovered after being seen hanging out together at a Las Vegas swimming pool. The team disbanded with some players being banned from the blackjack tables not because they had done anything illegal but because they were too good.


b. Betting It All At The Roulette Wheel


Just about every person living has some sort of aspiration, something they want to accomplish before they die. For a gentleman by the name of Ashley Revell that aspiration was to bet all of his money on a single roulette wager. It didn’t seem to be the brightest or responsible of ideas at the time. It still doesn’t. Though he was discouraged from going forward with this seemingly crazy plan by his family and friends, he proceeded. To raise money, he sold just about everything he had, including his home, some of his clothes and his car. In all, he raised $135,300 and bet it all on Red at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. His gamble paid off big. The ball landed on Red 7. Revell won $270,600, tipped the croupier $600 and left. However, he wouldn’t be able to stay away from the casino for good. Since his big win, he has decided to become a professional poker player.

c. Double or Nothing: Going For Broke At the Craps Table


No one could ever accuse William Lee Bergstrom (AKA, The Suitcase Man) of not being a risk taker. In 1980 he walked into Binion’s Horsehoe, a Las Vegas casino, with $770,000 in cash. He bet it all at the craps table. His made a ‘Don’t Pass’ line bet, wagering every last cent. He then proceeded to roll big three seven outs. If Bergstrom wasn’t a millionaire before he entered the casino, he was by the time he left. William was dubbed The Suitcase Man because he bought a suitcase into the casino to bring home is winnings, such was his confidence that he would win.


d. Jessica Agbunag: From Young Housewife to Young Millionaire


Jessica Agbunag was not a gambler. However, she decided to test her luck at a Las Vegas casino in honor of her grandmother who was once an avid gambler before she passed away. The Wheel of Fortune Slots machine was here game of choice and boy was she soon fortunate. She immediately hit pay dirt. Her short time at the machine yielded her nearly $2.5 million dollars.

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