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Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards like the lottery are the fundamental basic building blocks of gambling without the internet. Not everybody has been to Vegas, and fewer still have won anything there; but purchasing a scratch card? Well, almost everybody has bought a scratch card down the shop, and most of us have even won a tenner or so on them before too. So why has this most basic tool of gambling found its way online? Surely the internet could be reserved for games you can’t get down the shops for a quid?

Best Sites for Internet Scratch Cards

How Do Scratch Cards Work?

Online scratch cards have found their place in the online gambling world because they can offer something no real-life scratch card can; Entertainment. The thrill a player might get from scratching away the surface to reveal something pretty can still be had by playing online scratch cards, although with no coins needed and less mess. A lot of online scratch cards offer far more than their land-based cousins offer and to gamers across the internet, this is the main reason for their continued use and popularity. 

Of course one of the biggest advantages of playing online scratch cards as opposed to the originals, is that they don’t just pay out a lump sum of money. Internet scratch-cards generally tend to offer you multiples as prizes. This in short, means that your stake can be multiplied, by two, five, ten, a hundred, a thousand or even ten thousand times its original value. The odds are winning a fortune are increased, and that is something that can’t be duplicated offline.

Surely Slots Are Better? Or?

Online scratch cards also have another perk that normal scratch cards don’t. They can be animated and this transforms the format into a whole new game. Online scratch cards can often consist of two or even three parts. In the two part format, you have the same shaded over boxes that you’ll find on any normal scratch card, and of course, you’ll scratch them away to match up three winning symbols to win a prize. The treat is in the second part of the game, which can include a animated side-game that can bolster, double, or cost you your winnings. This is of course impossible to replicate on normal scratch cards, which can only offer yet another shaded box. So with fiery animation, and fun loving side games, scratch cards can more than hold their own against the more popular online slots.

Where To Find Online Scratch Cards

Everywhere. Scratch cards can be found everywhere and anywhere. A brief search across any given online casino, bingo, sportsbook or poker site might not yield any results initially, because scratch cards are generally grouped under the term “instant win games”. Practically any site that houses instant win games, will generally have at least one or two scratch cards for you to play because they are incredibly popular with gamers who fancy a quick flutter, or who wish to take their chances on a scratch card because the rules of other online gambling games are too tricky. At the list further up this page you can see our recommended scratch card sites for EU and US players. Sometimes the pay outs can top 10,000 times your original stake, making them also just as desirable as slots, although with far less effort and confusion.

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