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Online Baccarat

How to Play Online Baccarat

Casino StarIf you were playing at a land based casino, one of the first things you’d notice when you approached a Baccarat table is that at first glance, it looks a lot like a craps table. Aside from busy days, such as Saturday nights, a craps table has three dealers and is played on a big table that close to the length of a pool table. Same goes for Baccarat.

Today though, we’re going to talk about playing baccarat online which is far simpler than playing craps. When you’re playing online baccarat there are three basic bets to make. The banker bet, which means you’re betting that the banker will have the best hand. The player bet, wherein you believe the player will have the best hand, and then the sucker, or bonus bet, however you decide to look at it, the bet with the best payout is my favorite way to see the tie bet.

The list below offers casinos which you can play on your PC or Mac. If you would rather play on your iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device check out our list of baccarat mobile casinos. Last but not least, you also have the option to play baccarat with a live dealer. The live dealer casinos feed the game through a webcam, so every game is played live rather than against a computer.

Best Baccarat Casinos (also with Live Dealers)

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Some tables will use different terms. For instance, Baccarat is also known as Punto Banco, which means simply, player bank. If you’re betting on the “Punto” you’re betting that the player will have the best online baccarat hand. If you’re betting on the Banco, well then you’re obviously betting on the bank.

If you’re betting on a standoff, you’re placing a bet that the hand will result in a tie. Now on land, the players may actually deal the cards themselves, it’s rare, but it still happens.

Online Baccarat – Which Hand Totals Closest to 9

The goal in Baccarat is simple, to bet on the hand, be it the players or the dealers, that will have a value closest to 9.

This is Sort of like the goal in a game of blackjack where the players hope is to have a hand that’s close to 21.

Placing Bets in Online Baccarat

After you’ve finished making bets, you simply press the deal button. At that time, both the player hand and the dealer hand will receive two cards. In some cases, a third card must be dealt.

Players can bet on the dealer hand to win, the player hand, or both. Players can also bet that the hand will result in a tie.

Online Baccarat – The third Card Rule

If either the player or the dealer has a hand valued at either 8 or 9, this is called a natural baccarat. There are no more cards dealt, the hands over, and whichever hand has the natural is the winning hand.

Players 3rd Card Rule in Online Baccarat Games

If the players hand totals 5 or less, then the player is dealt another card. If the player has a 6 or higher, the player automatically stands, and doesn’t draw again.

If the player hand doesn’t draw a 3rd card, then play will move onto the bankers hand, where it will be determined if the banker must draw a 3rd card.

Bankers 3rd Card Rule in Online Baccarat Games

  • If the value of the bankers hand is one or two the bankers hand receives a card.
  • If the value of the bankers hand is 3, the bank will draw, unless the card the player drew was an 8.
  • If the banks hand value is 4, the banker hand will receive a 3rd card except in cases where the players 3rd card was a 0 value card, an ace (1) or an 8 or 9.
  • If the value of the banks cards is 5, then the bank will draw a card if the players 3rd card was any card from 4 through 7.
  • If the banks hand value is 6, the bank will only draw if the players 3rd card was a 6 or a 7.
  • If the banks hand value is 7 the bank doesn’t draw a 3rd card.
  • Again, if the bank has an 8 or 9, that’s called a natural, and none of this drawing would occur. 3

Card Values in Online Baccarat Games

Cards from 2 to 9 are counted at their face value, so a 9 is worth 9, and a 2 is worth 2. Face cards and 10’s are all void. They count as zero and make no change to the value of the hand. Aces are low, and count as 1.

There is no hand that’s valued over 10. For instance, let’s say the value of the hand is 13… let’s take a trip back to elementary school for a moment, do you recall learning the difference between the 10’s and the 1’s. The 10’s in Baccarat are simply disregarded. So the value of a 13 hand is 3. If a player is dealt a 6 and a 3, that player has a hand value of 9.

If the player is dealt a 6 and a 4, then the players hand value is 0. If the player’s dealt two 6’s, the players hand value is 12, because we drop the # in the tens column, and we keep the single digit.

Online Baccarat Payouts

Betting on Baccarat is a lot like betting on roulette, in roulette, players bet that the little metal ball will land on either red or black. It’s nearly a 50/50 bet, discounting the zero, and possibly the double zero. That’s how Baccarat is too. Except that the house as you might expect has given itself a tiny little edge so that overtime they win, keep the lights on, pay the employee’s and so on.

Both bets, the banker and the player bet payout 1:1 at most online casinos, except that the house edge is with the banker. It’s said that the banker hand will win a few more hands per shoe than the player hand will, so those that bet on the banker will be taxed 5% in most online baccarat games. That means that the bet actually pays 1:1-5%. That means if a player bet $1 (for simplicities sake) on the bankers hand, the player would win keep the $1 they bet, and be paid $0.95 in winnings on the hand.

If the player bets on the player hand instead, then the player is paid the full $1 in the above scenario. There is one other place that the player can bet however, players can bet that that the hand will result in a tie. Players that win the tie bet are paid somewhere between 8:1 and 9:1.

Online Casino Baccarat Strategy

The simplest online baccarat strategy for new baccarat players is to simply bet the banker hand. Don’t bet the bonus unless you’re in a gambling mood. The odds of the banker hand and the player hand tying are 9.47 to 1. The payout is nice, so if you feel like gambling, you might take the shot, just keep in mind, the house has a 14.4% edge on this bet.

The banker bet on the other hand wins about 50.68% of the time, which is why it’s taxed 5%. While at the same time, the player hand, which is not taxed the 5% wins about 49.32% of the time, statistically speaking.

Choosing Online Baccarat Casinos

The best online casinos for Baccarat players are casinos that are reputable, and have a long standing reputation in the casino industry, and casinos that offer bonuses to table game players. This is the biggest deal for baccarat players when it comes to finding the best real money baccarat casino online.

Many online casinos advertise huge first deposit bonuses on the front page of their websites, but what they don’t advertise is that baccarat and other table game players are not eligible for these bonuses and that buy playing any table games before the bonuses are cleared voids them.

Online Casino Baccarat Varieties

The different baccarat varieties aren’t really as relevant online as they are in Vegas and Macau and other land based casinos. In big table baccarat games, the table is usually in a sectioned off part of the casino, where it looks stylish and elite. The player hand is dealt to only the player that has the highest bet on the table, and then that player hands the cards he or she was dealt back to the dealer after having a look at them.

Mini Baccarat on the other hand is generally played on the main casino floor, and in effort to keep things moving, and get more hands out per hour, the cards are simply dealt face up. It takes a little of the mystique out of the game, but it doesn’t change the odds or anything else about the game.

Midi Baccarat which again only really comes into play in land based casinos as opposed to online casinos is played with a bigger table, and usually is only held in the high stakes area of the casino.

Mobile Baccarat Online – Have a Smart Phone?

Have a smart phone? Several smart phones are equipped to allow you to play Baccarat at your favorite online casinos using your phone. Talk about a great way to pass the time in the waiting room at the dentist’s office! Stuck at the mall with your lady, while she’s in the fitting room, you can log onto several online baccarat casinos.

Mobile Baccarat is available at all of the following mobile casinos:

Wherever you choose to play baccarat online, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you the latest and greatest bonuses, and let you know of any casinos that offer a better edge for customers. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of those things, take a second, hold down the ctrl button on your computers keyboard, while you push the d, and bookmark this page.

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