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Responsible Gambling

While most online gamblers enjoy gambling as a fun and entertaining pastime, some people have trouble controlling their habits. Many gamblers do not keep track of their money, some wait too long for luck to favor them, and others try so hard to recoup losses that they end up in even deeper debt. Such problems can ruin families, careers and lives. When enjoyed properly, gambling can be a harmless way to relax and have fun, but it is important to remember the principles of responsible gambling. Doing so allows you to more easily avoid situations that might lead to problem gambling.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling refers to behavior that allows you to control your gambling, rather that being controlled by it. The best way to do this is to always treat gambling as entertainment, rather than a job or business venture. This allows you to worry less about winning big and focus more on enjoying the online gambling experience. Likewise, one should never gamble using money intended for living expenses. In fact, gamblers are advised to set loss limits for a day.

Gamblers who cut their losses and quit once they have depleted a predetermined gambling fund, instead of chasing a win that is not likely to come, usually end the day with more money. It is also wise to set a time limit and walk away after a certain duration regardless of your current chip count. Doing this can also make you more likely to make money, as problem gamblers are likely to quickly gamble away winnings in pursuit of more. When gambling, you should always recognize that the house cannot be beaten.

Problem Gambling Warning Signs

If an individual begins to view gambling primarily as a serious way to make money as opposed to a form of entertainment, he or she may be at risk for problem gambling. Similarly, problem gamblers typically view gambling as more important than work or family and develop an obsession with recouping their losses.

If you have ever missed work, school or any other important event in order to gamble, you might be a problem gambler. Gambling as a means to reduce stress and wagering more than you can afford are also signs of problem gambling. In general, any time gambling interferes with the orderly progression of your life, the principles of responsible gambling are jeopardized.

How Can I Get Help for Problem Gambling?

Gambling addiction often develops as a response to intense stress, so those suffering from problem gambling are advised to find new ways to cope with stress. Those that still have trouble with compulsive gambling should consider joining a group like Gamblers Anonymous or receiving cognitive-behavioral therapy. Finally, many states operate problem gambling hotlines. If you ever feel like you are beginning to lose control of your gambling and do not know what to do, consider calling one of these hotlines or seeking help elsewhere.

Resources on problem gambling:



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