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Diamond Dogs slot casino game: review, bonus offer, information

Diamonds Dogs is one of the latest slot machines released by NetEnt online casino game manufacturer. Even though it is a new machine it has already certainly gotten some fans. And if you love slot machines that are fast, packed with lot of special features, are smooth to play and feature “bling and glitter” you might be on your way of becoming the next fan of Diamond Dogs. If all this sounds good click here to: Play Diamond Dogs online. In case you are not quite sure yet what you think about this machine please keep on reading as you will find out lot more about it next.

Diamond Dogs review:

In case you might not have guessed it based on the name of this game, the game features, shockingly, diamonds and dogs. Now that might sound really silly, and in fact it is a little bit silly, this game still actually manages to be cool and fun to play. From above you can find picture from the actual game, and even thought it is not the biggest possibly pic it should still be clear that the graphics and this game are extremely good and clear. The game loads rather quickly even with lower internet connections and is light enough that it doesn’t lag when playing on that slower internet connection and neither does the game appear to have any bugs.

The actual game has 25 betting lines, and naturally you can choose to bet on 1 to 25 lines at the same time. Unfortunately the machine doesn’t allow you to choose which betting lines you are betting on, instead if you want to bet on 3 lines it automatically choose the lines 1,2,3 or if you want to bet on 5 lines it chooses the lines 1,2,3,4,5 so you can’t for an example bet only on lines 3,7,17. So this is bit of a bad side about this game. Other thing that I didn’t really like about this game is that it, it doesn’t have a real jackpot to play for. So if you are someone who always wants to dream big when playing slot machines, we recommend trying some other slot machine instead.

The sound world of the game is pretty simple, but both the dog parking when you get reels spinning and the big fanfare that you get when you win something might start annoying some players, the good thing is that you can easily turn off the sounds by clicking the sound button which you can find from the bottom left corner of the game.

The game features all the same three special features as majority of the other NetEnt video slots: bonus game, scatter symbols with which you can win free spins and wild symbols.

The game also has auto-play feature, so if you for an example have to run to kitchen to grab some food you can put the game on auto-play if you want to stay in action even during the time that you are not in front of the computer.


All in all Diamond Dogs is a good addition to NetEnt’s portfolio of video slots, and at least I personally had good time playing this game and plan on playing it also in the future. Try Diamond Dogs slot machine now at casino.

Where to play Diamond Dogs & bonus offer:

Even thought this is a NetEnt slot machine you unfortunately are not able to find it from even nearly all NetEnt casinos. However, luckily there are some quality casinos which have this game available for their players. Our number one choice for playing Diamond Dogs is BetSafe casino. Not only do they have the game, but if you decide to play it for real money and make a deposit they will give you 100% up to 100€ deposit bonus. Besides Diamond Dogs you can also find dozens of other cool video slot machines, classic slots and other casino games from their internet casino. Besides the real money mode all their casino games (including Diamond Dogs) can be played for free without even having to open an account. Play Diamond Dogs now at Betsafe casino and get up to 100€ bonus.

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