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Lock Poker Safe for US and European Players

May 16, 2011

Since the unfortunate events that took place last month on April 15th, otherwise known as Black Friday to the online poker industry when the biggest three online poker rooms were forced to reject US players for good by the US Department of Justice and the FBI, the poker community has been a little more than shaken up. In the last month, some of the lesser known online poker rooms like Intertops Poker and Lock Poker are gaining in traffic daily now, as displaced US poker players find new Internet poker sites to play at, and some European players, as well.

Since Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars accepted a deal with the DOJ to withdraw from the US market and refund US player accounts (the alternative was to stand trial in federal court), they seemed to still be afloat from a financial stand point. However, Absolute Poker and have filed bankruptcy. This displaces even more online poker players from around the world.

The Black Friday fiasco also saw a handful of online payment processing institutions close down that withdrew from the US market in hopes to not be brought down with the house. This made it even harder for US players to deposit and withdraw their online poker funds. This too affected even non-US players, as many European players also used these former payment processors.

Now, it is clear that only a few online poker sites are equipped to handle the US traffic that is otherwise without online poker in terms of safety and banking options. Carbon Poker is one of these and it’s not only being recommended to US players who formerly played at Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Absolute Poker, and, but it’s also being suggested that European players affected by this mess also take root at Lock Poker. Cash poker games are always running, and there’s no worry of deposits getting confiscated by the US government. Payment options offered at Carbon include Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneybookers, NETeller, and Eco Card, so don’t worry about not having an online poker home. Just sign up at Lock Poker. In fact, you can deposit up to $600 and get that back in bonus 100%.

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Written by: Stefan

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