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MasterCard Sportsbooks

MasterCard is one of the more common credit card brands accepted in the online sportsbook industry. However, due to the UIGEA legislation introduced in 2006, deposit requests are declined on a more frequent basis and it may be difficult to find MasterCard sportsbooks that maintain high credit card acceptance ratings. This is somewhat unfortunate because MasterCard is essentially accepted as a valid payment method in nearly every other industry. Over 23 million business merchants currently accept MasterCard, which has managed to grow into one of the biggest payment processors in the credit card industry in just a few decades.

Best Mastercard friendly Sportsbook

# Brand Bonus / Description Play now
1. clubworld Casino
  • Instant Deposit Bonus of 25% to $900
  • Offers – Poker – Casino – Sports
  • Accepts All USA Credit Cards
2. clubworld Casino
  • 25% Instant Bonus on All Deposits
  • Voted Best New US Sportsbook
  • Offers Poker – Sports Betting – Casino

Using MasterCard at Online Sportsbook Sites

MasterCard sportsbooks do their best to provide an intuitive banking system complete with easily understood instructions regarding how to get through the deposit process step by step. To being with, you’ll need to log into your gambling account at your preferred sportsbook site. Access the banking section from the site’s home page or from your account page. Look for a clickable MasterCard or credit card deposit option, which will direct you to the credit card deposit form.

You will need the following information to complete a MasterCard deposit form:

  • Your full name as it is printed on the front of the credit card
  • The 16-digit credit card number
  • The month and year of the credit card’s expiration date
  • The three-digit security code located on the back of the credit card at the end of the signature line
  • Current home address, telephone number and date of birth.

Complete the deposit request by entering your desired deposit amount before submitting the deposit form. If all of the credit card details are correct and your deposit request is declined, the problem may be caused by your bank. Some credit card issuers do not allow you to perform credit card transactions to online gambling sites like MasterCard sportsbooks. The sportsbook site’s customer support staff may be able to successfully submit the deposit request through a different payment processor. If this does not work, you can use your MasterCard through an e-wallet service to successfully complete a deposit.

Fees and Processing Times

MasterCard sportsbooks process credit card deposits free of charge. However, your bank may apply standard transaction charges on any deposit you perform at a sportsbook site. This may also include a foreign transaction fee and a currency exchange fee if you are performing a MasterCard deposit at certain foreign sportsbook sites. As long as your MasterCard transaction is not declined, the deposit will be processed instantly. The banks will receive the necessary electronic information to create a credit charge on your account, and the sportsbook will allocate the deposit funds directly into your sports betting account. The betting account balance will display the correct amount of funds instantly after you have completed a deposit. These funds can be used immediately to back your sports bets.

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