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Diners Club Card Casinos

Diners Club holds the distinction of being the first independent credit card company. When it was founded in 1950, it held a monopoly on the credit card industry, as its travel and entertainment charge card was used frequently by business travelers. However, this monopoly did not last long, as Diners Club began to face stiff competition by American Express, who were more successful with their credit cards due to greater public exposure and stronger financial backing.

Diners Club is now owned by Discover Financial Services. Diners Club card casinos are available in conjunction with other major credit card brands like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Diners Club cards may not be as commonly used as the other credit card brands, but they are still used in over 200 countries. Diners Club handles 70 types of currencies and offers real time processing free of charge.

Using a Diner’s Club Card at Online Casinos

The deposit process at Diners Club card casinos begins by downloading an online casino site’s gaming software and registering for a real money casino account. Once you have access to the gaming software’s main lobby screen, you can access the banking section in the menu. The banking section may provide individual option for each credit card method, such as the Diners Club card, or it may only use a standardized credit card option for all of their accepted credit card brands such as Diners Club, Visa and MasterCard.

Make sure you correctly fill out all of the required financial and personal information. If the online casino site uses a standardized credit card deposit form, select Diner’s Club in the card type list. Enter your full name as it is displayed on your Diners Club card along with the card’s number, expiration date and security code. You may also have to include certain personal information such as your address and contact phone number.

Once you have filled out the financial and personal information, enter the amount you want to deposit. Make sure your deposit is within the minimum and maximum limits, which will vary at each online casino. Regardless of how much you deposit, online casinos that take Diners Club Card deposits keep your transactions safe by using the latest online security infrastructure and digital encryption.

Fees and Processing Times

There are no fees associated with a Diners Club deposit. Diners Club card casinos will not charge you for a deposit, but your bank may impose credit card fees that apply to standard purchases. Like the other major credit card brands, the Diners club card is great for casino gambling because transactions are performed in real time. Once you have submitted your Diners Club card deposit, the information is relayed through the necessary networks and the transaction is completed almost instantly.

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