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Neteller sports betting online

Neteller is among the leading e-wallet services in the internet. It’s right up there with the behemoth that is PayPal and is, at times, even more reliable. It covers over 160 countries in its scope and allows them to easily make purchases online. Backed by Neovia Financial PLC, a company based in the Isle of Man, it’s one of the most secure payment methods that can be found in the internet, with little to no downtime and with excellent customer service. As such, it is one of the most widely used and widely accepted financial services in the world of online gambling. Every reputable bookmaker supports neteller, and you’d truly be hard put to find one that doesn’t.

Good Neteller online sports betting bookmaker:

As mentioned pretty much every reputable bookmaker accepts Neteller. And the odds are which ever place you choose to make your sports bets at has the Neteller payment solutions installed. If you are still looking for online bookmaker I can recommend the 888 sport bookie. Great amount bets, okay odds, free bets and other promotions are some of the best qualities of 888 sport. Bet sports online with Neteller now.

How does Neteller Work?


Neteller works like a virtual wallet. You put money into your virtual wallet and you can then proceed to spend that money on whatever catches your fancy online. You can use it for doing some online shopping, downloading songs, and playing on online casinos. A Neteller account is completely free, and you can sign up for one in the company’s website. You can load money into your account by using a credit card, debit card, your bank account, and other methods such as prepaid e-money cards like Ukash and POLi. Also, you can use Neteller to receive your money. Your winnings from online casinos can be wired directly to your Neteller account, and you can withdraw your funds by using wire transfer or checks or by using a custom-made Net+Mastercard debit card at the point of purchase or through ATM.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Neteller

By far, the biggest advantage of Neteller is that it’s secure and it’s convenient. The Net+Mastercard feature which the company provides is pure genius, and really makes things much easier for the players. Also, since Neteller is an authority on online money transactions, you can be sure that whatever casino you will choose supports it. Furthermore, Neteller is available in almost every country, and supports several of the world’s currencies. One disadvantage of Neteller, though, is that you can’t use it for playing in online casinos if you live inside the US. US law prohibits online gambling, and this put Neteller in conflict with the banks and the government, resulting in a massive online drama wherein accounts were frozen and users rose up in outrage. The issue was resolved, however, and business went on as usual. Unfortunately for US players, any transactions to online casinos were disallowed and they could not continue to use Neteller for their online gambling needs. Another disadvantage of using Neteller is the fee they impose on every purchase you make using their Net+Mastercard.

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