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3D Online Blackjack

What started with a couple of 3D movies is now everywhere you look. We have tons of 3D movies, 3D television shows, and now plenty of 3D online gaming options to choose from. Yes, it seems 3D is the new thing, a technology first used decades ago (with those cheap red and blue glasses) to turn boring creature feature movies into something more marketable and exciting. 3D technology has improved a lot since the days of the old 3D monster movies, and now 3D is available on television sets and computer monitors.


Live Blackjack and 3D Games

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3D online gaming is relatively new. Gaming developers wanted to introduce their new 3D technology to the more popular games at first to drum up excitement. That’s why 3D blackjack is one of the first casino games to appear in 3D. Online blackjack is fun, but seeing the cards in three dimensions popping off the screen like you’re actually at a blackjack table ups the experience to something worth writing home about.

Why Does 3D Gambling Exist?

Online casinos are trying everything they can to improve the online gaming experience. First it was live dealer casino games, now its 3D games. The purpose of these innovations is to make online gambling more like traditional gaming. In the early days of online gambling, the novelty of placing a live bet over the Internet was enough to keep people interested. Now, online casinos have to try new tricks to keep the game exciting.

This includes mobile gaming, a new way of using your online gambling platform on smartphones and other handheld devices. It allows people to gamble in more situations, instead of being tied to their laptop, and is one of those cool features that people love to show off to their tech-savvy friends.

3D technology applied to casino gaming could be the big revolution that draws even more people into the world of online gambling. The world’s best gaming software designers are hard at work trying to outdo each other with 3D technology that makes the online casino experience a visual stunner. Movies are being released (and re-released) in the latest and greatest versions of 3D for months now, and there are more 3D projects on the horizon than you can shake a stick at. Just like 3D movies, the effect of 3D technology on casino gaming doesn’t have to be huge because the visual experience is enough of a crowd pleaser. 3D movies aren’t exactly great cinema, and 3D gaming isn’t exactly a totally new experience.

Why Play 3D Blackjack?

Of all the online casino games, online blackjack is one of the big success stories. Blackjack is a game of strategy unlike roulette which is more about luck. Played with perfect strategy, gamblers can even enjoy a slight positive expectation against the house.
If you’re a blackjack fan, and you find the only blackjack experience a little bit lacking compared to traditional casino blackjack, 3D blackjack is pretty much designed for you.

Playing 3D online blackjack could be the solution to what’s missing from online blackjack play. If nothing else, paying attention to the amazing 3D graphics could keep your head in the game and prevent you from making poor play choices.

It isn’t as easy to find 3D blackjack as it is to find more traditional blackjack games. Like any new thing, most gamers still see 3D gaming as a fad. Until the demand for 3D blackjack increases to the point that developers can’t ignore it, you’ll have to do some homework to find 3D blackjack games you want to play.

Advantages of 3D Online Blackjack

If you like to play casino games at sites with the best graphics and sound, any casino offering 3D blackjack is bound to be top notch in those categories. You get all the convenience of traditional online blackjack play (don’t have to leave your computer, can play more hands per hour, etc.) and you get to watch state of the art graphics and be at the cutting edge of online casino technology.

Just remember that 3D online blackjack is still online gambling. You’ll need to use discretion and make sure you’re playing blackjack through a legitimate online casino. Check out a casino offering 3D for its dependability. Don’t get caught up in how awesome the game looks—pay attention to the security they have in place and how often the servers are up. A beautiful 3D rendering is worthless if the game play is choppy or unreliable.

Where to Play 3D Blackjack

There aren’t many places offering 3D blackjack or other casino games right now. Here’s a look at two of our favorites.

PKR Casino

Originally launched as a 3D poker-only site, has recently added a couple of other 3D “side games” mostly to show off their awesome 3D capabilities and to offer their players a distraction. Who knows, maybe they saw enough interest in 3D blackjack to actually try to make some money off this game? Either way, the 3D blackjack here is swift, pretty to look at, and while you’re there, check out the relatively soft poker games to make some quick cash. Featuring 3D poker, blackjack, and roulette.

888 Casino

This less popular and less robust 3D site offers 3D versions of roulette, slot machines, blackjack, and poker. It offers more games than other 3D sites, but it isn’t as reliable, and sometimes the game can be a bit choppy. That said, the 3D slots here are a lot of fun, good for killing time between rounds of poker.

Visually speaking, 3D online blackjack games are superior to traditional online casino gaming. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re superior in every other way. Pick a casino offering 3D blackjack, log on, and get the feel of the game with free money play first. Most sites offering 3D games let you play for free to try the game out before you slam your money down on the table and risk losing your actual cash. Try 3D online gaming today before it blows up big and you’re the last person at the office to give it a chance.

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