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Deal Or No Deal

The Deal or No Deal casino game is based on the popular television show Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel. Although the US version of Deal or No Deal is quite popular, it is by no means limited to the US. There have been over 30 different versions of Deal or No Deal game shows created for particular countries and aired in various languages. The Deal or No Deal game at online casino sites combines the basic format of the show, where the contestant attempts to keep playing until they win the case containing the most amount of money, with interactive casino gameplay functions.

Deal or No Deal Rules

Online casinos that offer Deal or No Deal for real money use most of the same rules used on the television game show. The player places a wager before the round and must attempt to discard all of the cases and hope that the last case remaining contains the biggest payout. Like in the television show, the player will have 26 boxes to choose from. There are 6 total rounds in which the player must discard a certain number of boxes per round. After each round is over, the bank will make a payout offer. Like on the Deal or No Deal television show, the player can accept the deal or continue playing. While the Deal or No Deal show features a fixed set of prizes, casino players can increase or decrease the bet size before the game begins. When the player adjusts the bet size, the value for each box will also adjust accordingly so that the player can enjoy high or low stakes Deal or No Deal.

Choosing Deal or No Deal Online Casino Sites

The most important factor to consider when choosing Deal or No Deal online casino sites is the availability of adjustable bet sizes. Look for online casino sites that operate Deal or No Deal games featuring small minimum bet limits and large maximum bet limits. We recommend Ladbrokes Casino.

Also consider choosing Deal or No Deal online casino sites that run through no-download instant play software. More casinos are turning to instant play software to provide the most convenient casino gameplay. Instant play gaming lets you play real money Deal or No Deal through a standard Internet browser, without having to download or install any software onto your computer.

Tips for Playing Deal or No Deal

Online casino sites use random number generators to determine what box contains a given payout, so there is no true gameplay strategy behind picking certain numbered boxes. The banker will always determine their offer values based on the total payout amount left in play. Start every Deal or No Deal game with the assumption that the banker’s offers will not exceed your original bet amount. This will lower your expectations of retaining the original bet amount during each game and can help you focus on winning the best possible payout or taking the best deal to cover at least a portion of the money lost on the original bet.

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