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Virtual Dogs

Play CasinoVirtual Dogs is a popular online sports betting game based on real greyhound racing. The game is most commonly found at casino sites that cater to the UK, where greyhound racing is very popular. 3D graphics are used to display the race as it occurs. Also, wagers can be placed at fixed odds and there are a variety of action buttons designed to streamline the gameplay experience.

Virtual Dogs Rules

Virtual Dogs allows the player to choose to wager on a six or eight-dog race. The Virtual Dogs game attempts to replicate a real greyhound race by providing a range of betting options. The win or place bets are the two primary betting options available to the player. Forecast bets, where the player predicts the top two finishers, are also available for all of the participating dogs. All of the betting options can be displayed as standard fixed odds or as decimals. The player can place multiple bets on a single race, but the total stake cannot exceed the player’s real money credit balance. Unlike a real greyhound race, the Virtual Dogs real money game does not feature more exotic bets, so the player can only make wagers on first and second race positions.

Choosing Virtual Dogs Online Casino Sites

You don’t have to worry about variations in gameplay features when choosing online casino sites that offer Virtual Dogs, as they all operate on the same software platform. All Virtual Dogs games for real money feature the same betting options, action buttons, and 3D dog racing animations. You’ll experience the same gaming features regardless of which Virtual Dogs casino site you use.

However, you can expect online casino sites to vary based on other characteristics such as sign up bonus offers. Most online casino sites do not allow you to release bonus cash by making wagers on Virtual Dogs, but it may still be worthwhile to select the best casino sign up bonus offer if you plan on playing casino games that are eligible for bonus cash release.

Tips for Playing Virtual Dogs

In Virtual Dogs, you can disregard the ordinary greyhound racing factors that influence a bet, such as the track type, dog age, box placement, race grade and previous race records. None of these factors come into play in Virtual Dogs, so you can essentially focus on making basic wagers. The only clear indication you receive on each dog’s capabilities are their fixed odds ratings, but even dogs rated at 2:1 do not provide any sort of winning guarantee. Therefore, the best strategy is to spread your finances by making place bets. Virtual Dogs allows you to make multiple win and place bets on each race, so it may be useful to place a small sized bet on the dog that has the best odds and another bet on a dog that has a more profitable fixed odds rating. If the dog with the best odds places, you will at least recover a potion of your stake. Should your other dog place, you will receive a profitable return to fund your next wager.

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