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Virtual Horses

Virtual Horses is designed to replicate the betting system used in real horse racing. The game is identical to the Virtual Dogs casino game, using the same betting interface and betting options. Players can make basic wagers on eight horses per race before watching the 3D graphic animation of the horse race as it unfolds. The game is excellent for horse racing enthusiasts who want to enjoy a simple racing-related casino betting game.

Virtual Horses Rules

The Virtual Horses game features easily understood rules, partly thanks to the built-in game instructions that tell the player what action must be performed. The player can place multiple win or place wagers just like at a real horse race. A large selection of forecast bets are also available. A forecast bet requires you to correctly predict the first and second place finishers, but it usually carries very profitable fixed odds. The game uses a virtual chips system like most other casino games, which allows the player to select chips worth 1, 5, 10, 25 or 100 units to wager with. Virtual Horses also contains a few additional gameplay features that allow the player to make instant repeat bets, alter the odds display format, and skip past the racing animation directly to the race results.

Choosing Virtual Horses Online Casino Sites

The Virtual Horses for real money game is the same at all online casinos that carry it. The odds, betting options, gameplay mechanics and chip sizes are identical at all online casinos, so you can focus on making your decision based on other service features. For example, quality online casino sites all provide sign up bonuses worth 100% or more on your initial deposit. Wagering on Virtual Horses may not help unlock bonus cash, but you should be able to release your bonus by betting on popular slots games, video poker and certain table games.

Look for online casino sites that have a page dedicated to the Virtual Horses game. The page should feature a complete explanation of all of the functions and features in the game. The house edge should also be explained, along with a table describing the stakes and maximum payouts for the most popular forms of playable currency.

Tips for Playing Virtual Horses

Keep in mind that Virtual Horses is not a precise animated simulation of a true horse racing event. Unlike some of the more complex horse racing games out there, Virtual Horses focuses only on fixed odds wagers. Factors such as jockeys, horse condition, previous racing records and track type are not simulated in Virtual Horses. Focus on maximizing your credits by making multiple place bets. A place bet will payout if the selected horse finishes first, second or third. By backing two or three horses with place bets, you improve your opportunity of earning a small profit or at least breaking even on a race.

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