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Online Keno

Online Keno is perhaps the most easily understood casino game available because it plays almost like a lottery game. Today’s modernized keno games use basic rules that have been in use for hundreds of years. Unlike the ancient forms of the game, online keno offers a completely randomized form of game play, making it impossible to apply any skill-based strategies that could improve the chances of winning. Instead, it’s best to simply enjoy the game and focus on choosing online keno casinos that offer the best gambling services.

Best Online Keno Games:

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3 Grand Parker Casino SlotoCash Casino up to $7,777 » Play Now «
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6 Grand Parker Casino Planet 7 Casino up to $1,000 » Play Now «

Keno Rules at Online Casinos

Online keno is based on an 80-number system. A complete game of online keno generally involves 20 random numbers chosen by the software before the round resets. Players can select up to 10 numbers to wager on. Each number must be backed by a wager, which must be worth at least $1. Once the bets and numbers have been placed, the player clicks the play button and the random number generator chooses the winning numbers. The goal is to have as many correct matches as possible in order to qualify and win a payout.

Expect the same keno rules to be used for all types of keno games. Variations are largely based on ticket types. More complex keno tickets such as way or combination tickets offer players more ways to win, such as playing multiple keno rounds at a time and allowing different series of numbers to be played simultaneously.

Online Keno Strategy

There is no true strategy that offers a greater chance of winning at online keno. The best thing to do is to check the payout schedule before making a keno wager. Always remember that each selected number must be backed with a wager, so it is usually better to start out by picking only five or six numbers instead of choosing nine or ten. This does not provide an actual gaming advantage, but it is a better way to manage casino finances because the probability of matching five numbers is more likely than obtaining ten matches.

Choosing Keno Online Casinos

Players can expect the gameplay to be identical among most online casinos, but the user interface will vary depending on the gaming software used. Choose an online casino that offers an intuitive and informational user interface that includes a payout schedule for quick reference, a table noting the results of the last five keno rounds and the ability to place different wager amounts.

Besides the gameplay features, make sure to consider factors such as the banking system and gaming software. Casino sites with online keno should offer the most popular modern banking options such as credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and pre-paid cards. Expect most online casinos to operate using downloadable software, but some casinos do offer online keno through no-download instant play software that runs on any major Internet browser.

Real Money Online Keno

Real money online keno can net you over $100,000 if you are lucky enough to match ten or more numbers correctly. Of course, getting the perfect match is not very likely, but you can still win small real money rewards for matching five or six numbers. Always refer to an online casino site’s payout schedule to view the payouts available.

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