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Online Let it Ride

While standard online poker is popular in its own right, poker variants in which players compete against the house have also become prominent at both traditional and online casinos. One such game is Let it Ride, which is especially well-liked by those new to table games and individuals that seek slower-paced game play. Although Let it Ride is based on five-card stud, it is more similar to video poker, as it pays players based on an established payout table. While Let it Ride is trademarked by Shufflemaster, it is still available at several different online gambling sites.

Play Let it Ride

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Let it Ride Rules at Online Casinos

The goal of online Let it Ride is to create the best possible poker hand using one’s own cards in conjunction with two community cards. A round of online Let it Ride begins with each player making three identical bets. Next, each player is given three face down cards and the software places two face down community cards at the center of the table. At this point, each player may either retract one of his or her three bets or let it ride and leave the bet on the table. After all players have decided, the first community card is flipped. Players again decide whether to take back a bet or let it ride. After this is done, the second community card is flipped and players are paid out according to their hands.

There are numerous pay tables, but most online casinos use a table that pays 1000:1 for royal flushes, 11:1 for full houses, 5:1 for straights and so on. High rollers should note that many online Let it Ride tables have a payout limit.

Online Casino Let it Ride Strategy

The best strategy for online Let it Ride involves knowing when to retract one’s bets and when to let them ride. In general, one should always take back a bet when no community cards are displayed unless one already possesses a paying hand or three cards that could all become part of a straight, straight flush or royal flush. Once the community card has been added, it should generally become more obvious whether it is worth keeping a bet on the table. For instance, if one has four cards of the same suit, it is generally advisable to let it ride. More extensive strategies exist, and if used correctly, these tactics can reduce the house edge to roughly 3.5%.

Choosing Let it Ride Online Casinos

One’s primary consideration in choosing online gambling sites at which to play Let it Ride should involve the pay table used by a given site. While most use the standard table described above, some online casinos may use altered tables. For instance, one site may pay much less on a royal flush but slightly more on lesser hands. Neither table is necessarily superior, meaning that one should choose a table that fits one’s style of play. One should also ensure that all online casinos being considered are reputable and secure before depositing money and playing Let it Ride online.

Real Money Let it Ride

Nearly all casino sites that feature online Let it Ride allow players to wager real money. Some of these sites also offer a play money version of Let it Ride. For those new to the game, play money Let it Ride can provide valuable practice. After gaining a better understanding of the game’s rules and procedures, one can easily make the transition to playing real money Let it Ride online.

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