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Euro Millions Lottery Online

The Euro Millions is a twice weekly European wide lottery that involves nine countries directly. Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are all major countries in this massive lottery, the biggest in the world. Draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Euro Millions lottery is unique in that it also the largest lottery that can be played online.

Purchasing Euro Millions Tickets Online

Of course most players in the nine participating countries choose to pick up their tickets from a newsagents or supermarket, although customers in the United Kingdom can also purchase their Euro Millions tickets online from the National Lottery website. This website also offers tickets to the United Kingdom’s National Lottery so gamers need to be aware of which lottery they are staking their money on before processing their transactions. We recommend buying tickets from The Lotter where it’s easy and safe to buy lottery tickets for basically any lotto game in the world.

I Live In A Country Not Participating, Can I Play?

Gamers living outside of those nine participating countries are also entitled to play the Euro Millions, providing that they are residing in either China, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden or the United States. These players can purchase their tickets via who offer tickets to non-UK gamers. Players based in the eight officially participating countries that are not based in the UK will also have to buy their Euro Millions tickets from this site, if they wish to be safe and ensure that they are purchasing legitimate tickets.

How Much Can I Win on Euro Millions?

The maximum the Euro Millions jackpot can be is €185,000,000. One this figure is hit, if there is no winner it is offered to the next highest winner and then divided up between the next highest winners and so and so forth, so that the jackpot will never remain over that sum for long. Generally, the average jackpot for the Euro Millions is roughly fifteen to twenty five million Euros.

Why Play Euro Millions Online?

Naturally it does cost a little more to play the Euro Millions lottery online. Whereas a ticket in the newsagents would set you back only €2 per line, purchasing an online Euro Millions ticket will costs you considerably more. It is roughly €3 per line and the minimum you are asked to purchase is five lines, totaling a whopping €15 per game. Whilst it is true that is a steep price to pay, you have to remember that your chances of winning are increased, plus you won’t have to spend hours queuing for your ticket. You also won’t have to sit in front of the television waiting for the numbers to come in because playing the Euro Millions lottery online, gives you the option of being informed by the ticket sales sites of any victories!

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