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Diners Club Card Poker Sites

CasinoDiners club card poker sites are not as common in the online gambling industry as poker sites that accept Visa and MasterCard credit. Nevertheless, some online poker players do fund their poker accounts using Diners Club credit cards. Diners Club was first created in 1950 and was mostly popular amongst business travelers who wanted a more convenient way to pay bills. The original card worked like a charge card, where the user would pay the entire balance after receiving the bill. The card simply eliminated the need to carry traveler’s checks and a significant amount of cash.

Poker Rooms accepting Diners Club Card

The Diners Club card was soon outmatched by the American Express card in the 1960s and eventually faced even stiffer competition with the creation of MasterCard and Visa. In 2008, Dine’s Club was purchased by Discover Financial Services and all credit cards issued after 2008 can be used at poker sites that accept Discover.

Using a Diner’s Club Card at Online Poker Sites

Some poker gamblers make the mistake of assuming that an online poker site that accepts Visa and MasterCard will also accept Diners Club credit cards. Unfortunately, this is not true. However, Diners Club card poker sites will let you know that they accept Diners Club credit deposits by listing it on their banking page.

Once you have found a Diners Club card poker site, you will need to download and install the poker software before registering for a real money account. Use your account details to log in and access the banking section, which should be available from the main lobby of the poker gaming software.

The Diners Club card deposit form requires the user to input standard credit card information as well as a few pieces of personal information. Most of the information such as the credit card number and expiration date can be found on the front of your Diners Club credit card. Usually, you will also need to enter the three digit security code located on the back of your credit card. Personal information such as physical address, date of birth and contact phone number may also be needed.

Once you have reviewed the financial information for accuracy, enter the amount you want to deposit and submit the online form. If all goes well, you should receive confirmation of the deposit in a matter of seconds and your poker account balance will be updated with the correct amount. Occasionally, a diner’s club card deposit request will not be accepted, which may be a problem related to the bank that issued the card. However, Diners club card poker sites usually have a friendly customer support staff that can assist you in getting the deposit request cleared.

Fees and Processing Times

Diners club card poker sites will readily perform all deposits free of charge as long as the deposit is within the minimum and maximum deposit limits. Although you can perform Diners club credit deposits for free, check with your bank for any transaction fees that may be applied to your payments.

You can expect all Diners Club card poker sites to provide real time deposit processing. The deposits are performed instantly and are confirmed as soon as all of the information has successfully been relayed. The lack of a processing period lets you go from filling out a deposit request to playing real money poker games and tournaments in mere minutes.

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