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Instant eCheck Poker Sites

eCheck poker sites are ideal for poker players looking for a fast electronic deposit method that does not involve credit cards, e-wallets or pre-paid cards. eCheck poker sites have gained even more success after the UIGEA legislation passed in the U.S. The eCheck system represents an easy-to-use deposit method that allows you to fund your real money poker bets with cash directly from your checking account.

Poker Rooms accepting eCheck

The eCheck system is designed to use financial information from a normal check in order to generate an electronic transaction. It cuts down on the paperwork and usually requires less time to process than an ordinary check or other bank transfer service. An eCheck deposit will pass through the U.S. Automated Clearing House, which is a secure network linking all U.S. based financial institutions. The ACH system makes sure that the eCheck information is sent to all of the proper parties involved and helps make sure that all of the information is correct in order to successfully process your poker deposit.

Using an eCheck to Deposit at Online Casino Sites

eCheck poker sites may offer an eCheck deposit option under different names such as Instant eCheck and EFT Check. To perform deposits at eCheck poker sites, you will first need to have the site’s poker software downloaded and installed onto your computer. You must then load up the software and register for a real money account.

Use your real money account to access the main lobby, which should feature a clickable banking or cashier’s button. The banking section will list the various available deposit methods, and you should have the option of simply clicking on “eCheck.” The eCheck deposit form will require you to insert specific personal and financial information. This may include:

Routing number/ABA number – The large number sequence located on the bottom left of a normal check.

Checking account number – Another number sequence located on the bottom right of a normal check.

Check number – Some eCheck poker sites require you to enter in a check number, which is located at the bottom center or top right of a check.

Personal information – This usually includes your physical address, date of birth and phone number.

Deposit amount – This is simply the amount that will be charged and withdrawn from your checking account.

Some eCheck poker sites allow you to save this type of information as your preferred method of deposit. Take advantage of this option when available if you plan on reloading your poker account with future eCheck transactions.

Fees and Processing Times

You can expect all eCheck poker sites to take care of the nominal fees associated with eCheck deposits. However, processing times are usually less straightforward. An eCheck can take anywhere from 24 hours to ten business days to properly clear. In an attempt to minimize the waiting period, many eCheck poker sites give you instant access to real money poker credit once you have submitted the deposit request. This allows you to play real money Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker while the eCheck is still in the process of clearing. The only catch is that you cannot perform any withdrawal until the eCheck has cleared. If the eCheck bounces, the online poker site may put a hold on your account and force you to wait until the eCheck clears before you can perform any sort of withdrawal.

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