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Instant Play Poker Sites

Instant play poker has become a commonly used alternative to standard downloadable poker software. Instant play poker sites allow players to access real money poker gameplay directly through a standard Internet browser without having to download or install any software package. It is ideal for poker players that use operating systems other than Windows, as many poker sites only offer downloadable software for the Windows system.

Best Online Poker Sites

Using Instant Play Poker Sites

The poker gameplay at instant play poker sites is delivered through a Java or Flash application. If the website does not detect the correct Java or Flash application, it may provide a pop up message asking you to download the latest plug-in. Once you have the appropriate plug-in installed, the instant play software will load instantly. Instant play poker sites design their services to provide the same type of gaming experience found in normal downloadable poker clients. Functions such as account login, deposit transactions and table listings are all the same. Like downloadable poker clients, the instant play version uses the same user interface containing the necessary poker action buttons.

Top Instant Play Poker Sites

The top instant play poker sites work on all popular operating systems. You gain direct access to real money Texas Hold’em poker games from your Internet browser without needing to waste time or disk space on downloading and installing software packages.

Characteristics of Instant Play Poker Sites

There are many poker sites that now offer instant play, but not all of them offer the same features. High quality instant play poker sites give you access to Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker ring games as well as tournaments. Although standard sites only let you play one game at a time, expect the best instant play poker sites to have a built-in multi-table feature. You can play several hands at once with each hand displayed in a separate browser window for complete user control.

The biggest benefit of using instant play poker sites is the convenience of not having to download or install any program. Whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux or Ubuntu, all you need is a standard web browser and the appropriate plug-in to play online poker instantly.

Tips for Playing Instant Play Poker

Before you use any instant play poker service, make sure your Internet connectivity is fast enough to provide the most enjoyable gameplay experience. Instant play poker sites may note that you can play even with a 56K connection, but it’s best to at least have a broadband connection to ensure your gameplay doesn’t bog down.

The precise type of platform used by instant play poker sites may vary. Most use either the Java or Macromedia Flash platform to power their poker service. The instant play page or the technical FAQs may indicate what type of application is required. Make sure you have installed the appropriate application before attempting to use any instant play service. The Java and Macromedia Flash platforms will usually provide a popup message if your system is in need of an update.

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