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Online Red Dog Poker

Also known as Red Dog poker or yablon, Red Dog is a casino game descended from acey-deucey and in-between. The game is somewhat rare at land-based casinos, but online Red Dog poker has thrived in recent years. Online Red Dog is popular for its simplicity, as it has few complicated rules and is generally considered to be quite easy to learn.

Play Red Dog Poker

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Red Dog Rules at Online Casinos

Aces are high in Red Dog and suit never affects the game. This means that the only important characteristic of each card is its value. At the beginning of a hand of online Red Dog, the player indicates his or her wager using online casino software. The software then displays two cards. If these cards share the same value, such as a Jack and a Jack, the player is paid out 1:1. If the cards are consecutive, such as a seven and an eight, the player’s bet pushes and the hand ends.

If neither conditions are met, the online casino software then displays the current spread. The spread is the difference between the two cards displayed. For instance, if a five and Queen are flipped, the spread is seven. The player is now given the chance to increase his or her wager by up to 100%. Regardless of whether a player chooses to do so, the software then flips a third card. If the third card lies outside of the spread, the player loses. If it is inside the spread, however, the player is paid out according to the size of the spread. A spread of four or more pays out at 1:1, a spread of three pays out at 2:1, a spread of two pays out at 4:1 and a spread of one pays out of 5:1.

Online Casino Red Dog Strategy

Because Red Dog Poker is mostly a game of chance, the best strategy is usually to memorize the odds of winning with different spreads. Knowing this information can help a player choose when to increase his or her bet. The house edge increases with smaller spreads, so players are usually only advised to increase their wager on spreads of seven or greater. For instance, a player’s edge on a spread of 11 is 85%, while his or her edge on a spread of 1 is just 8%.

Choosing Red Dog Online Casinos

One of the most important things to check before playing online Red Dog involves the game type that each prospective gambling site offers. Players should remember that Red Dog refers to multiple games and not every online casino necessarily offers the version described here. It is also usually advisable to search for online gambling sites that use multiple decks for online Red Dog. While this only affects the game slightly, the use of more decks will increase a player’s edge. For instance, house edge in a one-deck game of online Red Dog is 3.155%, while house edge in an eight-deck game is 2.751%.

Real Money Online Red Dog

Internet casinos offer real money online Red Dog because it has proven to be popular among gamblers looking for a new, simple game to play. Making significant money at online Red Dog can be difficult if the player cannot determine the proper times to increase his or her bets, so interested individuals are encouraged to consult an odds sheet for the game.

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