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Mr. Vegas 3D Slots Review

Mr. Vegas has constantly been rated as one of the best performing BetSoft Gaming 3D slots. The Mr. Vegas slot is one of the nicest 3D slots ever designed in my opinion. If you want to feel like you’re in Las Vegas playing slots than you don’t have any better option other than Mr. Vegas 3D. From the moment you begin playing Mr. Vegas you’ll feel like you’re actually in Vegas with all of the bright lights and colours used on the 3D slot machine.

Play Mr Vegas here:

Mr. Vegas 3D Slot Quick Facts

  • Software – BetSoft
  • Number of Reels – 5
  • Number of Paylines – 30
  • Minimum Bet – $.01 per payline
  • Maximum Bet – $.50 per payline
  • Max Coins per Spin – 5 per payline

Mr. Vegas is one of the most popular 3D slots in the industry because of the fact that are so many features. If you enjoy 3D slots that have a lot of features you don’t want to miss out trying Mr. Vegas because it’s very unique and unlike any other online slot you’ve ever seen before. There are lots of great symbols on the Mr. Vegas 3D slot that will earn you plenty of great prizes. A few of the great symbols on Mr. Vegas 3D include the Showgirl, Poker Chips, Blackjack Hand, Roulette Wheel, Wine, Vegas Sign and several others that you’ll see once you begin playing.

The first feature is triggered when you spin a Mr. Vegas symbol and Dice symbol next to each other, but the feature is only triggered when you spin these two symbols next to each other on paylines 1, 2 and 3. The # of free spins you earn will be dependent upon the number rolled on the dice. During the free spins all prizes are doubled.

If you spin 3+ Slot Machine symbols on any of the paylines that you’re playing you’ll be transported to a mini-slot where you’ll earn free spins. The mini-slot feature isn’t that great because you don’t win often, but if you do win on the feature the prizes are big.

Some symbols will have a small wheel slab in the top corner and if you spin 5 of these symbols on any payline during a single spin you trigger a bonus game. You’ll get to spin the Money Wheel Jackpot once if you trigger the bonus game and you’ll be able to win lots of instant prizes ranging from free spins to a progressive jackpot.

Another bonus game in Mr. Vegas 3D is when you spin the Mr. Vegas symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. Once this happens a roulette game will be triggered and you’ll get the chance to win prizes while spinning the roulette wheel. You don’t get to play casino games while playing online slots normally, but the bonus games and features in Mr. Vegas 3D allow players to play other casino games while playing slots.

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