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The Exterminator 3D Slot Machine

The Exterminator slots destroys the opposition

It isn’t terribly often you come across an online slot game themed after the grizzly job of exterminating bugs. And yet, this appears to be exactly what the theme of Betsoft Gaming’s The Exterminator online slots game is about.

With partial animation running throughout the game, this online slot is a real peach which we at enjoyed a lot. It looks good, it is unique and has some quirky graphics to provide a welcome sense of comedy to the sometimes frustrating hobby of playing online slot games.

Play The Exterminator:

There are five reels in The Exterminator slots, upon which thirty pay lines are placed. A player does not necessarily have to play with all thirty pay lines activated and they can increase or decrease this total as they see fit, with a button at the bottom of the screen.

So what of the wild card and scatter cards? Well it is tricky to explain, or sticky rather, but we’ll give it a go. Everytime a player scores a win in The Exterminator slots, they activate what is known as the Sticky Win. Your winning symbols will remain on the reels whilst all of the others will spin, if you manage to bag some more winning symbols the reels will spin again, and so on and so forth until you no longer pick up and more of your winning symbols. This makes for a big, big pay day! Once this is over if you have managed to bag a truck symbol (acting as a wild card), a wild reel enters the mix, and offers you the opportunity to double your winnings, or lose the pot.

The Exterminator 3D Slot

The wild might not be terribly useful but the scatter symbol is. The scatter symbol takes the form of a footprint icon. Collecting five footprint symbols will award a player free spins, whilst five blue footprint symbols activate a bonus round. The good thing about these scatter symbols is that they can appear anywhere on the board and still count!

Play the Exterminator Bonus Game

For your bonus game, you must find an irritating little Raccoon that has been plaguing your exterminator all game long. It is largely animated and has a lot of comedy to it, far more so than playability, but does still offer rewarding prizes at the end of the day.

There is a maximum of a $1,500 jackpot in The Exterminator slots, which although it might not seem as much as other online slots, is still a significant amount of money to win. Specifically when playing a comedic game of such enjoyment as The Exterminator Slots. 

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