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Shangri-La 3D Slots Review

Shangri-La is a very popular 3D slot that’s been developed by Rival Gaming. If you like Oriental / Temple themes slots than you really need to check out the Shangri La masterpiece by Rival. The 3D graphics are superb, the audio on the 3D slot is very good and the symbols have all been designed with the original theme of the 3D slot in mind, which is important. Shangri-La can be played without using any type of 3D glasses as well, but make sure you have your speakers on.

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Shangri-La 3D Slot Quick Facts

  • Software – Rival Gaming
  • Number of Reels – 5
  • Number of Paylines – 20
  • Minimum Bet – $.01 per payline
  • Maximum Bet – $5 per payline
  • Max Coins per Spin – 5

Whether you’re looking to bet pennies per spin or hundreds per spin, it’s possible while playing Shangri-La 3D slots. Rival always ensure that players of all sizes can play their 3D slot collection and that’s why there is such a wide range of betting options. If you want to be whisked away to a temple in Asia with Mr. Fu, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will the 3D environment have you entertained for weeks, but the features of Shangri-La 3D slot are hard to beat.

As I mentioned above, all of the symbols on Shangri-La 3D have been thoughtfully designed based on the theme of the slot. The symbols on the 3D slot include Koi Fish, Rickshaws, Asian Writing Paper, Gongs, Temple of Shangri-La, Buddah, Cherry Tree and Vases. All of the symbols can help you potentially win money, but there are 3 symbols that you want to watch out for while playing the Shangri-La 3D slot machine.

The wild symbol is the Koi Fish in Shangri-La 3D and it’s very important in this game. First off, the Koi Fish will change into any of the other symbols except for the scatter symbol. If the wild symbol can substitute into a symbol that’ll win you more money it always will automatically. Mr. Fu will also fish for Koi Fish while playing and once he catches 5 Koi Fish symbols it triggers a bonus round.

As soon as you catch 5 Koi Fish while playing Shangri-La (Must wager same # of lines & $) the bonus round will begin and you need to play a quick game. The object during the bonus round is to click on the symbols with prizes and avoid any of the symbols that collect your rewards, as the bonus rounds ends once this happens.

There is also another awesome bonus feature that’s triggered when you spin 3 Buddah symbols. Once you spin 3 Buddah symbols you’ll be taken in side of a temple to play a quick game. Two wheels will be spinning and you simply need to stop them both when you want. The 1st wheel will have a prize listed and the 2nd wheel will have a multiplier listed. You simply take the number from the 1st wheel; multiply it by the number of the 2nd wheel and than multiply the number by the amount of paylines you’re playing to find out your prize.

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