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Buccaneers Treasure Slot Review

Buccaneers Treasure is the perfect pirate themed slot machine with awesome symbols. For those of you feeling like hunting down hidden treasures with pirates, you’ll love the Buccaneers Treasure slot machine. There are a total of 5-paylines across the reels and the betting options on Buccaneers Treasure will keep the most experienced players pleased. Buccaneers Treasure is similar to a classic slot machine although there is a lot more action on this slot due to the multiple paylines.

Buccaneers Treasure Slot Quick Facts

  • Number of Reels – 5
  • Number of Paylines – 5
  • Minimum Bet – $.01 per payline
  • Maximum Bet – $5 per payline
  • Max Coins per Spin – 15

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Slot players of all levels will be able to play Buccaneers Treasure without facing any difficulties. Players need to select how much to bet on each payline with options ranging from $.01 to $5. However, players can also bet up to 3 coins on each payline, which makes the maximum bet $75. You don’t need to worry about betting the maximum though, since the payouts don’t become any better by betting more coins. The payouts will be multiplied by how much you bet on each spin, so it’s very easy to figure out how much you can win while playing Buccaneers Treasure.

You definitely want to hunt down the big Treasure Chest symbol while playing Buccaneers Treasure. The Treasure Chest will payout a maximum of 2000 coins for spinning 5 Treasure Chests, the payout for spinning 4 Treasure Chests is 200 coins and the payout for spinning 5 Treasure Chests is 2000 coins. With a maximum line bet of $15 you can win up to a maximum of $30,000 playing the Buccaneers Treasure slot machine.

The other symbols also fit with the pirate theme of the Buccaneers Treasure slot machine. You’ll see a Skull & Crossbone symbol, Gold Ring symbol, Gun symbol and Treasure Map symbol on the reels. With the right combination of symbols you can walk away with a lot more money than you started with and you may even win enough to take your own wild adventure. You’ll win the most money by spinning 5 of the same symbol across a payline.

Payouts for spinning 5 of the same symbol on an active payline range from 40 coins to 400 coins. Spinning 5 Treasure Map symbols on the reels pays out 40 coins, spinning 5 Gun symbols pays out 100 coins, spinning 5 Gold Ring symbols pays out 200 coins and spinning 5 Skull & Crossbone symbols pays out 400 coins. I really enjoy the theme of the Buccaneers Treasure slot and I’m sure many of you will appreciate the theme as well.

You can play Buccaneers Treasure in any Playtech casino and you can grab a bonus today from any of the online casinos listed on this page. Buccaneers Treasure boasts huge payouts, awesome betting options and the symbols are all well-designed while maintaining the pirate theme of the slot.

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