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Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile computing technology is constantly changing. Sports betting websites have not failed to notice the popularity of mobile communication, as they have introduced software and services aimed specifically at users of smart phones, PDAs and other similar computing devices. Common platforms for mobile betting services include Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Mobile sports betting allows individuals to wager on athletic events from anywhere that offers a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. This lets busy sports fans bet from nearly any place in the world. Regardless of whether one enjoys football, basketball, golf, horse racing or any other sport, mobile sports betting can provide a new and unique way to win money.

Top Mobile Friendly Sportsbook

Mobile Sports Betting Options

Mobile sports betting sites typically allow users to bet on a variety of sporting events such as basketball, American football, soccer, baseball, horse racing, hockey and several more. For each of these sports, users can typically choose from a variety of bets.

The most common type of mobile sports bet is typically a money line bet, but spread and over/under bets are also common. Some mobile online sportsbooks offer special live proposition bets. For instance, users may be able to bet on whether a current football drive will end in a punt, field goal or touchdown. Many sites offer future bets as well. These bets allow users to bet on major sporting events weeks before they begin. For instance, an individual may be able stake money on the New York Yankees getting to the World Series at the beginning of the MLB season.

Choosing Mobile Sports Betting Sites

One should first look for mobile sports betting sites that tailor their services to users of one’s preferred device. Many major online sportsbooks offer multi-platform software designed for use with several kinds of mobile devices, while others develop software specifically for Android phones, the Blackberry and the iPhone. Finding software that matches your device exactly is preferable, but using multi-platform software is still better than using software designed for use with a notebook or desktop computer.

The best mobile sports betting sites also offer additional widgets and apps to further facilitate hassle-free betting. For instance, a Blackberry user may be able to download a special program from an online sportsbook that allows him or her to receive regular lines updates for all available NBA games and place bets with the push of a button. Such a feature can be especially useful for individuals that do not have access to a computer when they wish to make a wager.

Mobile Sports Betting Tips

If possible, one should use software specifically designed for the device being used. This eliminates many compatibility issues and allows technical difficulties to be addressed more quickly and efficiently. Downloadable mobile betting software is likely to perform better than instant play software, but most sites use the latter in order to appeal to a wider base of users.

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