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AMEX Casinos

AMEX, commonly known as American Express, has been around since 1850. The company’s first 50 years of existence was marked by success as an express mail business and as one of the wealthiest financial institutions in New York. The first AMEX card was offered to customers in 1958, eight years after Diners Club had introduced their card. Although AMEX was initially less successful than Diner’s Club, 250,000 AMEX cards were issued in its first year. In 1959, AMEX became the first financial institution to use plastic cards and have been leaders in the credit card industry ever since.

Best Casino accepting American Express

Currently, 24% of all credit card money transactions in the U.S. originate from AMEX cards. Unfortunately, it does not have a similar presence in the online casino world. Visa and MasterCard are still the most accepted casino deposit methods available; however, more casinos are now beginning to introduce AMEX as another valid deposit method in an attempt to offer a greater variety or options to their members.

Using an AMEX Card to Deposit at Online Casinos

AMEX casinos use deposit systems that work the same way as any other credit card transaction. If AMEX is a valid option at a particular online casino, it will be available in the banking section, which can be accessed through the lobby of the casino gaming software. Select the AMEX casino deposit option and a credit card deposit form will be displayed. Use your AMEX card to locate all of the necessary financial information needed. This includes your full name printed on the card, the card number, the expiration date and the three-digit security code. All of the information is located on the front of the card, except for the security code which is the last three digits located on the back of the card.

If the online casino uses a standard credit card deposit form for all of their credit card options, make sure you select AMEX as your card type, otherwise the transaction will not be approved. Once you have filled out all of the necessary financial information and entered in your deposit amount, many AMEX online casinos give you the option of saving your AMEX card information as your preferred method of deposit. This is a useful option that can save you time if you plan on making a future AMEX casino deposit to keep your gambling account funded.

Fees and Processing Times

Like other major credit cards, the AMEX casino deposit option is performed free of charge. Online casino sites do not charge you for an AMEX transaction and neither will the AMEX network, but any other service charges related to normal card use may be applied.

AMEX casinos process AMEX deposits in real time. This means that the transaction will be performed almost instantly as long as the necessary financial information successfully passes through the banking networks.

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