American Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular and well-known casino games today. Popular at both online and traditional casinos, the game has many variations, most of which are based on either European or American Blackjack. While these games are mostly similar, they feature small key differences that can greatly affect the nature of the game and how it is played. Of course, American blackjack is the version typically played in the United States and the type most likely to be found in Las Vegas casinos as well as many online blackjack sites as well as the iPad blackjack casinos.

American Blackjack Rules

The main component that makes American blackjack different from its European counterpart is the inclusion of an extra card for the dealer at the beginning of each hand, often called an American hole card. While this card does not necessarily affect a player’s chances to win in any significant way, it does make for a different experience. While European blackjack is still played, it is this small variation that has made American blackjack one of the most popular casino games.

At the beginning of an American blackjack hand, the dealer is dealt one card face up and one card face down. This differs from European blackjack, in which the dealer only receives a second card after all participating players have either stood or busted. If the American blackjack dealer flips an Ace as his or her face up card, he or she immediately peeks at the whole card. If this card is a 10, Jack, Queen or King, the dealer has a blackjack and the hand ends, with all players losing their bets.

For the most part, the American hole card provides players a significant advantage. Because a dealer’s blackjack is shown before any player has a chance to double down or split and thereby increase his or her bet, the risk of losing more than your initial bet is eliminated. This allows American blackjack players to be slightly less conservative in their willingness to double down or split, as they know as soon as the hand starts whether or not the dealer has an automatically winning hand.

Choosing American Blackjack Online Casinos Sites

When selecting an online casino at which to play American Blackjack, your first priority should be to check a site’s policy on hole cards in blackjack. Because many gambling sites are based in Europe and cater primarily to European players, it is important to verify whether a prospective online casino uses American or European rules. While many sites offer both versions, failing to select an appropriate casino can lead to unfamiliar betting situations that can throw off your strategy.

As with any online casino games, American blackjack sites should also be checked for trustworthiness or security. One way to do this is to check what deposit and payment options a given online casino offers. If a site only accepts cash or bank wire transfer, it is likely a scam and should be avoided.

Tips for Playing American Blackjack

For the most part, appropriate strategy for playing American blackjack is identical to other blackjack casino games. Standard card counting methods and betting tactics are still applicable, and accomplished European blackjack players should have no trouble adjusting to the additional rules.

Any changes in strategy should revolve around the addition of the hole card. Basically, the hole card allows you to safely split or double down as the risk of losing it all to a dealer’s blackjack at the end of the hand is reduced. This allows for more aggressive play and higher potential winnings.

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