Blackjack Switch

In the online gambling community, blackjack has achieved a level of popularity that is unmatched by most casino games. One major reason is its comparatively low house edge, but many players are initially attracted to the game for the wide number of interesting blackjack variants available. One particularly unique and even complex variant is blackjack switch, which allows players to switch cards between two active hands. This provides a gambling experience that is unlike that found in most blackjack variants and other casino games. While blackjack switch is not incredibly popular, it is available at some online casinos.

Blackjack Switch Rules

Unlike many other variants, the rules of blackjack switch differ considerably from those of traditional blackjack. The game is relatively easy to learn but can be quite difficult to master. However, if one becomes adept at blackjack switch, it can provide a profitable and enriching experience.

In blackjack switch, a player makes a bet for two hands. This means that, if a player bets $20, both of the player’s hands are played with a bet of $20. The dealer distributes two hands of two cards each to every player. Once all players have received their cards, they are given the option to switch the first card of both hands. For instance, if a player is dealt a hand of 7-8 and another hand of 10-J, he or she may switch to create a hand of 7-10 and 8-J. This switch may only be made before standing, hitting or performing any other action.

Once all players have decided whether or not to switch, all hands are played normally. From this point on, a player’s two hands are considered separate and are played as if they player chose to split. These hands may be further split if the appropriate cards are displayed, creating the potential for several independent hands. After each hand has been resolved, the dealer flips his or her hole card and any winnings are paid out.

To make up for this player advantage, blackjacks are paid out at ratio of 1 to 1 rather than the standard 3 to 2. Additionally, if the dealer hits 22, all player hands other than natural blackjacks are pushed.

Choosing Online Blackjack Switch Casino Sites

A player searching for the best online casino at which to play blackjack switch should be sure to select a site that offers the most advantageous set of rules available. The rules listed here are not necessarily authoritative and some gambling sites may use slightly altered rules. It is important to check these rules before playing in order to select the most appropriate strategy.

Those looking to play blackjack switch or any other casino games online should only do so at a trustworthy online casino. Players should always investigate a prospective site’s reputation to avoid being scammed.

Tips for Playing Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is one of the more difficult casino games for which to form a proper strategy. Simply using basic blackjack strategy is usually ineffective and can reduce potential pay outs by as much as five percent.

Occasionally, the decision of whether or not to switch is obvious, but correct strategy may be counter-intuitive in many cases. While some players understandably attempt to make the best single hand possible, this is not always advantageous. It is even conceivable that one may wish to break up a natural blackjack if the dealer’s hand is particularly poor, especially considering the reduced pay outs for blackjacks in this variant. In general, the best way to become adept at blackjack switch is to memorize a probability table for the game, which is very different to traditional blackjack.

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