Double Exposure Blackjack

Although one of the more rare blackjack variations online, double exposure blackjack is one of the most interesting and unique casino games available. While following the same core rules as standard American blackjack, Double Exposure blackjack differs from most forms of the game in a few key ways. Created by Robert Epstein, the game is occasionally referred to as Dealer Disclosure or Face Up 21. Double Exposure blackjack is also popular in Germany, where it is called Zweikartenspiel, which is usually translated as two card game. While the game is easy to learn for experienced blackjack players, effective betting strategy for Double Exposure is significantly different than other casino games.

Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

The most striking difference between standard American blackjack and Double Exposure blackjack is that in the latter game, the dealer’s cards are both dealt face up. The implications of this small change are quite large, which would normally result in a huge advantage for the player. Because of this, most casinos implement other rules to bring the edge back into the house’s favor.

For instance, most Double Exposure blackjack tables favor the dealer in a tie, resulting in a loss for the player rather than a push. The exception to this is if a player flips a natural blackjack and the dealer draws a 21 without having a natural blackjack. Additionally, a player’s blackjack always pays even money rather than the 3 to 2 ration commonly found in most blackjack online casino games.

Most Double Exposure blackjack tables also allow players to split only once, removing the ability to create three or four hands present in other variants. Whether a player may double down following a split varies between casinos. The same goes for whether a player is allowed to split different 10 point cards, such as Jacks and Kings, or 10s and Queens.

Choosing Online Double Exposure Blackjack Casino Sites

Your top priority in choosing an online casino at which to play Double Exposure blackjack should generally be selecting a site that offers rules that are advantageous to a player. While it is unlikely to find a site with an edge firmly in the player’s favor, some online casinos allow doubling down after splitting, re-splitting and other small options that can benefit the player. However, because Double Exposure is so rare, you may be forced to select a site that offers disadvantageous rules. Still, the benefit of seeing both of the dealer’s cards can make these drawbacks worthwhile for many players.

Of course, you should only play Double Exposure blackjack at a gambling site that is known to be trustworthy and secure. You must not let a desire to try the game outweigh safety and should always investigate a prospective online casino thoroughly before making a deposit and playing blackjack or any other casino games there.

Tips for Playing Double Exposure Blackjack

It is important to note that basic strategy is not likely to be effective in a game of Double Exposure. Because the player knows the dealer’s cards and the dealer wins ties, appropriate hitting, standing and splitting tactics are altered.

For instance, if the dealer shows 13 through 16, a pair of 10s should always be split. A hard 19 must always be hit if the dealer flips a 20, even though it is very likely to bust. The best way to master Double Exposure blackjack is to simply memorize a strategy chart for the game, which should provide the player with the most statistically sound choice for any card combination.

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