Multi Hand Blackjack

As one of the world’s most well-known and popular casino games, blackjack has enjoyed considerable success as online gambling sites enjoy increasingly more traffic. While traditional forms of blackjack are still some of the most widely-played casino games, more imaginative variants have begun to arise, especially since online play facilitates options that are not easily usable at a traditional casino.

Play Multi-Hand Blackjack

One such variant is multi hand blackjack which allows players to bet on and play multiple hands at a time, thereby increasing potential winnings and providing more exciting blackjack action. While some casinos allow players to play multiple hands at an empty table, online multi hand blackjack allows players to play several hands at once, even at a full table. While this game type is still relatively rare, it can be found at a few online casinos.

Multi Hand Blackjack Rules

Multi hand blackjack generally follows the same set of core rules as any other blackjack variant. In fact, a multi hand version of most forms of blackjack could conceivably be played with few or no hitches. However, the form used by most multi hand tables is standard American-style blackjack, which differs from its European variety in its inclusion of a hole card.

In a game of multi hand blackjack, a player chooses how many hands he or she wishes to play before the dealer distributes cards. While the maximum number of hands allowed per player differs between sites, most allow up to five. Once each player has decided on a number of hands, cards are dealt as usual, with any extra hands being dealt with them.

Players act on each hand in order. For instance, a player with three hands plays the first to completion before acting on the second hand and so on. A game with four players each playing five hands would essentially be played as a game with 20 players. For this reason, most multi hand blackjack tables use many decks out of necessity, with shuffles occurring frequently.

Choosing Multi Hand Blackjack Online Casino Sites

There are several factors that determine an optimal multi hand blackjack table online. For instance, you should choose a multi hand game based on the set of blackjack rules with which you are most comfortable. In most cases, this will be American blackjack, but some sites may offer variations.

Also important are the number of hands allowed for each player and the number of decks used in the shoe. Aside from any statistical implications of these variables, they can affect the scale of the game and should be matched to a player’s preferences.

As with all online casino games, players should only play multi hand blackjack at real money blackjack sites that can be proven to be secure and trustworthy. Because multi hand blackjack is somewhat rare, it can be tempting to choose a site just because it offers that game type. However, gambling safety should always be one’s primary concern in choosing an online casino.

Tips for Playing Multi Hand Blackjack

For the most part, players should use the same strategies they would use in a standard game of blackjack. It is a common misconception that improper strategy from one hand or player affects the odds for another but this notion is unfounded. This means that the number of hands being played has no effect on the likelihood of certain cards to be flipped. As such, any card counting techniques or other strategies normally used should be just as effective in multi hand blackjack.

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